Samia Singh


Samia Singh studied Visual Communication at Srishti, Bangalore, India (2004-09) and worked as the Associate Art Director for Tehelka, a reputed political news magazine from 2010-12. Samia also worked as a Visual Conceptualiser for the Sikh History Museum in Punjab, India. She studied Printmaking in Il Bisonte in Florence, Italy (2013). In 2014, Samia was invited by the city council of Carballo, La Coruña, Spain as a participating artist in the year long street art festival. From 2016-18 Samia worked as the Creative Director for No. 3 Clive Road, a tea company based in New Delhi, India.
Samia works across digital and analog techniques and attempts to bring the viewer closest to the essence of the subject in focus with maximum impact and a touch of the poetic.